That Won't Happen to Me... Volume I ($6.95)
This eighty-one page PDF includes two dozen articles to help you and your family be Totally Ready for whatever comes.

That Won't Happen to Me... Volume 1


Includes the following Articles:
  • Preparing for Whatever Comes
  • Surviving the Unthinkable
  • Survival for Every Family Member
  • 72 Hour Survival Kit Checklist
  • “Prepare to Evacuate!”
  • Preparing to Provide Refuge
  • Helping Children Cope with Disaster
  • Take CERT Training to be Truly Prepared
  • Prepare to Communicate
  • Water Storage — What if the Tap Goes Dry?
  • When the Power Fails in Winter
  • Surviving a Dust Storm
  • Wildfire: The Holocaust in your Backyard
  • Fire Survivors Tell Their Stories
  • Surviving the Hazards of Winter Travel
  • Ordinary Items for Extraordinary Survival
  • Insurance: Part of Being Prepared
  • Prepare Your Home for the Unexpected
  • Safe Havens and Safe Rooms
  • Is Your School Prepared for Emergencies?
  • Protect and Secure Your Home from Invaders
  • Staph Infection: The Pandemic Next Door
  • Storm Tests Family’s Preparedness
  • What Your Neighbor Wants to Know about Preparedness